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About - Perth Dust Control
About the Business Owner
Larry Kuepfer

Perth Dust Control is an independent company providing dust control services in south western Ontario since 1992.
We strive to provide affordable dust control by applying a wide selection of superior and effective dust suppressants matched carefully to your situation. Because no two sites or situations are identical, we at Perth Dust Control develop individual solutions for your dust control problems.

Our trucks are equipped with precisely calibrated meters, allowing accurate application and also ensuring that customers only pay for the amount of product that is actually applied. With our versatile equipment we can cover all the surface so there will be no carryover of dust from the untreated areas.

Perth Dust Control

We guide you through the decision-making process of deciding which product best meets your dust suppressant needs and endeavor to accommodate any special requests you have concerning application or delivery time etc.

Perth Dust Control is also proud to be a distributor of Innovative Surface Solutions, enabling us to obtain great pricing on quality dust control, ice melt, and asphalt cold patch products. Along with that, we are EXTREMELY Proud to offer delivery service exceeding your expectations. We offer prompt, courteous service, and are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our valued customers.

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