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MAG Ice Melter

MAG® is a high performance ice melter that is safer for people, pets, concrete, and the environment.
Effectively melting snow and ice immediately on roadways and driveways, MAG®’s melting power reaches temperatures as low as 13F (-25C) – considerably lower than most other ice melters.
The use of ice melters can sometimes result in damage to concrete sidewalks and driveways.
MAG®’s magnesium chloride compound not only outperforms other ice melters, but is less corrosive,
less toxic, and environmentally safer because of lower toxicity levels.

Product Features

•  High performance ice melter
•  Starts working immediately
•  Melts more ice at lower temperatures – as low as 13F (-25C)
•  Leaves no residue
•  Less damaging to concrete
•  Less corrosive than salt and calcium chloride ice melters
•  Less toxic than salt and calcium chloride ice melters
•  Safer to use
•  Environmentally friendlier
•  Safer for People, Pets, Concrete, and the Environment
•  Does not burn or irritate skin like other ice melters High Performance Ice Melter.


S a f e r   f o r   t h e   E n v i r o n m e n t !



®Safer on Concrete and Steel Independent tests conducted by the National Research Council’s Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) show that calcium chloride caused 26 times more chipping and scaling on concrete than  MAG®. Sodium chloride (rock salt) caused 63 times more chipping and scaling. Two additional Independent tests conducted by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Swedish VTI confirm SHRP’s findings that MAG® is significantly safer on concrete.
MAG® is also significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and sodium chloride on steel and
aluminum which can affect the longevity of work equipment, piping and building infrastructure.

Safer for People, Pets and the Environment

MAG® has a low toxicity level (almost 3 times less toxic than common table salt and 8 times less toxic than calcium chloride) making it a much safer ice melting product to use at home or the workplace.
MAG® is available in flake or pellet format and is packaged in easy-to-handle 22.6 kg (50lb) bags as well as 1000 kg (2200 lb) totes for larger applications.

Promelt Slicer Enhanced 20 kg. Bags

PROMELT SLICER ENHANCED  is a natural complex chloride blend that is treated with an organically based performance enhancer designed specifically to reduce bounce and scatter, increase the speed at which the salt begins to work and enable the salt to continue working at lower temperatures. Each granule is completely encapsulated with a blend of magnesium chloride and a viscosity modifier producing effective, longer-lasting melting performance that will reduce overall usage by as much as 25%.

Municipalities are realizing the added benefits of applying treated salt on their roadways and now this environmentally friendlier product is made available in convenient, easy to handle 44lb (20kg) bags. The smaller sized granule is ideal for spreader usage, easy to handle and will actually reduce your application rates which will lead to less total de-icers needed to keep all surfaces clean. Not only will it work to lower temperatures, but you will further achieve reduction in costs as less product will go further.

Product Features
•  Emits less chlorides into the environment
•  Helps to protect your equipment from corrosion caused by salt
•  Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
•  100% natural
•  Low toxicity (LD50)
•  Increased speed & effectiveness of melting agents
•  Longer lasting residual effect, reducing reapplication frequency
•  Performs to -6ËšF (-21ËšC ) 
•  Appealing color prevents over application
•  Easy application – convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling 

Green.  Enhanced.  Easy to Use.

Combines green benefits with enhanced performance.
For application in general conditions, evenly
sprinkle ¼ to 1/3 cup (57 to 76 grams) of
(metre) for driveways and walkways. Melting
begins immediately and melting action will
continue longer than many other commonly used
de-icers. Shovel off slush. Thick accumulations of
ice may require additional applications. For
optimum results, remove all loose snow and
slush from driveways, steps and walkways
before applying.
effective if applied at the start of a snowfall or
freezing of surface dampness.  PROMELT SLICER
ENHANCED may also be kept in cars and trucks
for use in any situation where traction is
required. Spread a generous amount in the path
of traction wheels to get out of slick parking
areas or other places where additional traction
may be necessary.

ProMelt Slicer Extreme 20 kg. Bags

PROMELT SLICER EXTREME is the ideal blend of complex chlorides with magnesium chloride pellets.   PROMELT SLICER EXTREME was created to offer the ultimate in fast melting action even during extreme weather conditions, while limiting the chloride impact on the environment.  

Magnesium chloride is well known for its hygroscopic nature, lower working temperature, low toxicity levels, and less chloride content. When combined with our complex chloride blend, this environmentally friendlier ice melter will reduce the amount of harmful chlorides that go into the environment and increase melting performance.  An essential tool in any snow professional’s arsenal of snow fighting products.

Product Features

•  Superior ice melting performance
•  Hygroscopic nature speeds up the brining process
•  Bores down into the snow & ice pack upon impact
•  Performs to -13ËšF (-25ËšC ) 
•  Longer lasting residual effect, reducing reapplication frequency
•  Emits less chlorides into the environment
•  Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
•  Safer for people, plants and pets
•  100% natural
•  Low toxicity (LD50)
•  Appealing color prevents over application
•  Easy application – convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling

Fast.  Safe.  Easy to Use.

Total Ice Control with the Power of Pellets.

ProMelt Slicer 20 kg. bags

Product Overview

PROMELT SLICER is your economical solution for effective ice control in larger areas such as roadways, walkways, driveways and parking lots.

PROMELT SLICER is a complex chloride crystal containing a homogeneous blend of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, plus more than 15 trace minerals in each granule. This naturally occurring blend of minerals and chlorides begins to dissolve and penetrate snow and ice immediately after application. The unique crystalline structure of 

PROMELT SLICER provides traction (the benefits of sand without the mess) with additional melting power.

Product Features

•  Natural pink color prevents over application
•  Easy application – Convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling
•  Provides better traction (the benefits of sand without the mess)
•  Helps to reduce slip and fall claims
•  Performs to 0ËšF (-18ËšC)
•  Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
•  100% natural
•  Low toxicity (LD50)

Economical. Effective. Easy to Use.

Ideal for larger areas!

When applied to snow-covered roadways or walkways,  PROMELT SLICER quickly begins to dissolve and penetrate, breaking the bond between the ice and the surface.
The loosened ice and snow can easily be removed following application.

Product Application

Evenly sprinkle ¼ to ½ cup (57 to 114 grams) of PROMELT SLICER per square yard (metre) for driveways and walkways.  Melting will begin immediately and melting action will continue longer than other rock salt products to help prevent freezing of new snow or ice.

Shovel off slush. PROMELT SLICER’s uniform granule allows it to be applied with any type of spreader or by hand.

For best results, remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps and walkways before applying.  PROMELT SLICER is extremely effective if applied at the start of a snowfall.

PROMELT SLICER may also be kept in cars and trucks for use in any situation where traction is needed.  Spread a generous amount in the path of traction wheels to get out of slick parking areas or other places where additional help is required to get moving.

ProPatch Asphalt Cold Patch   22.6kg.

Permanent Repair

ProPatch™ is a permanent high performance patching material that is easily applied under a wide range of climatic and surface conditions. ProPatch™ offers a permanent repair solution, whereas regular grade cold mix offers a temporary repair and is considered to be a short term fix for a long term problem.

Superior Performance

For highway maintenance professionals and homeowners alike, ProPatch™ is the right choice for efficiency, permanency and reliability of a quality repair.

Product Features

ProPatch™ is a high performance patching material composed of a unique blend of special additives, high quality/modified cutback asphalt and lab approved aggregates. 
ProPatch™ is specifically formulated to local aggregate specifications and climatic conditions to optimize regional performance. Mix designs are blended seasonally to ensure best possible all-weather performance. 
Winter mixes can be applied in sub-zero temperatures, adhering in wet and snow conditions, offering a permanent repair all season long.
ProPatch™ is available in bulk, 22.6 kg bags, 20 kg pails and 205 L drums.  A 22.6 kg bag will cover 5 to 6 square metres @ 1″ thickness.


• High performance repair for potholes, broken pavement and large cracks

• Equal to or more permanent than hot asphalt

• Bonds securely with any firm surface, even if wet

• Can be used in dry, wet and snow conditions

• Can be used in sub-zero climates and temperatures

• Saves time and money by not filling the same nasty potholes repeatedly

• Achieved an ecological classification from the US Fish &

• Wildlife Service

Easy Application

ProPatch™ high performance cold patch is quick and
easy to apply with no special equipment requirements. 

1. Preparation
• Sweep and remove loose debris
• No tack coat or cutting required

2. Application
• Shovel ProPatch™ directly from bag into pothole
• Applied cold, no heat required
• Will adhere to asphalt, concrete, metal and wood

3. Compaction
• Compaction of 6” (15 cm) deep pothole. Compact ProPatch™ in 2” (5 cm) lifts, finishing with 1/4”
(0.6 cm) crown
• Will not ravel or stick to tires after proper compaction

4. Open to traffic (immediately)
• Remains flexible below the road surface to accommodate bridge deck or ground movement
• Following application, ProPatch™ becomes a permanent part of the roadway

 Quality Control

ProPatch™ is a scientifically blended high performance patching material produced under the supervision of technical staff who follow strict quality control procedures.   Aggregate parameters and asphalt adhesion are carefully measured with different  additives to develop a unique mix formula. This attention to detail applies whenever and wherever  ProPatch™ high performance patching material is produced, which eliminates manufacturing variation and ensures premium quality production.

Mag Pellet and Flake 20 kg bags

Mag Pellet and Flake boast many qualities which elude other ice melt products. 

First, they are extremely user friendly. They can be applied by individuals with minimal training. They are compatible with your salt application equipment and require only minor alterrations. 

Secondly, they are able to perform at temperatures far lower than salt, with the peak performance temperature at -27 deg. Celcius. (Salt peaks at -7 deg. Celcius) 

Third, they are extremely economical. If applied properly, MAG outperforms other ice melt products dollar for dollar, and lasts longer per application.

Fourth, Mag has one of the lowest corrosion factors available in any ice melt product. 

Fifth, Mag does not track into your facilities, even though it may be applied only a few feet from your doorway. (If excessive quantities are applied, it may track in.) This non tracking factor is extremely attractive to most facilities, and it virtually eliminates damages to your building interior as well.

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Perth Dust Control
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