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At Perth Dust Control, we are proud to claim a high standard of service. We are here for the customer, all the way through. We put forth our utmost to ensure that we are selling you the correct product to match your needs. Our staff is willing to work around the clock, if needed, in order to ensure your products are delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Our application team is experienced personnel who truly care about your property and the performance of the product applied and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure ultimate product performance. Perth Dust Control is also proud to be a distributor of Innovative Surface Solutions, allowing us to obtain great pricing on quality dust control, ice melt, and asphalt cold patch products.

Perth Dust Control

Grader Services

PDC is pleased to offer grader service for your yard prep needs. Our experienced, qualified operators are best able to guide you through the process of yard prep work, enabling you to maximize the performance of your dust control product. 

  Our full size grader is able to tackle any yard, eliminating potholes and effectively preparing aggregates at the neccessary depth for maximum penetration.



  • By applying a suitable dust suppressant you should retain approximately 42 – 61 % more aggregate.
  • Reduces dust related health risks including allergies, pneumonia, and asthma attacks.
  • Reduces maintenance costs on machinery such as bearings, air filters, and all moving parts.
  • Improves safety of workplace by providing stable driving surface and improves visibility and vehicle performance.

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Perth Dust Control
Perth Dust Control
Perth Dust Control
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